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Perfect woman has perfect boobs.

Dedicated to the beauty and sophistication of Maura's boobs.

Maura has found her stolen vase, plus enough evidence to send Jane and Korsak on a wild goose chase. Lots of great hair in this episode, by the way.

They’ve got a suspect and no body, so Maura gets this incredibly sweet ‘live autopsy’ scene where we see just how wrong she is about her inability to connect with living people. If Maura weren’t already married, I’d ship it.

While the amnesiac suspect is being stripped, Maura denies Jane’s refusal to mourn has anything to do with repressed sexual desire. No, that’s responsible for a host of other symptoms we will explore in other episodes.

Rizzoli and Isles s5e2 starts out by reminding us of the sadness that needs no reminder. Angela tries to get Maura to cry, and Maura tries to get Jane to drink out of a coffee cup instead of her flower vase.